1. This is very space-efficient, but the major down-side is alsp the breeding
    interval: 5 minutes (Hearts cooldown) for the old design, 20 for the new
    (you have to wait for the babies to grow up)

  2. If you find the lever too hard to manage, you can just use a *Stone Button*,
    and double click it the way you just hold down right click. Just as simple :) 

  3. Another easy way to load cows into a breeder is to build a 1 wide hallway
    with the hole at the very end. then stand on the hallway wall with wheat
    and the cows will push each other right in.

  4. Sure it’s simple and compact… but isn’t this going backwards in evolution
    and automation? I mean… If I needed something as manual as this, I
    wouldn’t need a tutorial…? Isn’t making video showcases all about showing
    concepts or sharing something that people wouldn’t know?

  5. you should put a iron trapdoor on top of the hoppper that wil stop the baby
    cows from burning and you will not have to do the lever trick

  6. But Xisuma, there a problem, you have to breed them two times to have the
    same amount as last time, 2 cows make 1 baby cow…. So them you have to
    breed two times

  7. This is probably a dumb thing to ask… but why won’t the butting work for
    me? It is build the same way you did it just when I press the button for
    water, it won’t use the bucket :/

  8. Although the water seems handy when breeding, you could just remove it and
    take away the middle right half slab. Then instead of the dispenser on the
    bottom, I would put a sign there. That way, the lava never even touches the
    baby cows, since they are only one block tall. 

  9. Hold up, per 2 cows you get 1. So if you breed 20 cows you will get 10
    babies. Kill the adults and you will have 10 adult cows. Breed them and you
    have 5 babies. Kill adults and you have 5 adults. So on. So this wouldn’t
    really work.

  10. So you have to breed them 2 times to make sure you lose only 50%, because
    first (for example) you have 40 cows, you breed them and get 20 more, and
    if you instantly kill them you will lose 50% percent of cow population. :P 

  11. nice idea, yes; but something i would never build because i can not use the
    Damage Splash Potion + Looting 3 trick. 

  12. This is what i do with my cow farm but i never relly make a vid about it
    coz i thord it was a bad idea of a cow farm but it is not wow grate minds
    think alike :) 

  13. I have been building this (well… something *really* similar) for a while.
    Dang it! I thought someone already thought of it.
    Oh, well, maybe I’ll come up with a really cool invention in Minecraft, one
    of these days.

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