1. As I was watching this my nutella container got stuck in my braces, scared
    me for a moment…

    ANYWAYS I have invented something just as good as a rollercoaster! A new
    concept for one! I made a minecart launch in vanilla minecraft, this is for
    your challenge, so sorry if it sounds like I’m advertizing. xD :P 

  2. Couldn’t you set a command block to turn on the players upside down Shaders?
    (The one in the super secret settings)

  3. ███████████████████████████

  4. That’s the reason I subscribe to you, man.
    see this… new shit, most importantly Original shit. We need more of this
    from you, in the times there’s not much change in the game’s logic with new

  5. Maybe you could use command blocks to position the minecart upside down and
    make the player relative to it? I know they added upside down minecart

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