1. It’d be even lag-free if there was another command block to kill the
    snowballs dropped by the golem. /kill
    (This command may have slightly incorrect syntax.

  2. This is much smaller:
    [c]-”command” <- Command block
    R <- Redstone block

    [c]-/fill ~ ~-1 ~ ~ ~-1 ~ redstone_block
    R [c] – /weather clear
    [c]-/fill ~ ~1 ~ ~ ~1 ~ stone

  3. What about just clearing the weather for 10000 ticks and set up a hopper
    clock and make it tick every 10000 ticks (with a command) and clear the
    weather for 10000 ticks again?

  4. you also can build either a clock OR a daylight sensor that gives less
    output when it rains OR a commandblock minecart?!?

  5. 2 Ideas to make this thing fast everytime :) :

    1st idea: Get some delay with repeaters (should be like 10 seconds, just in
    case…) and set the hearts of the golem to 1.

    2nd idea: Give the golem a poison effect so he gets dmg until he is on 1
    heart (1/2 hearts=1 heart in “commandblock-language”)

  6. Would this module lag more than a /setblock clock with a /weather clear
    command? Don’t get me wrong here, it’s a cool concept, but I would probably
    just use a setblock clock.

  7. Having no rain is actually removing some vanilla features, such as
    cauldrons filling up or farmland being hydrated. In the future you might
    want to make a brewery room that auto-refills cauldrons with rain for a
    cool project. I really hope you don’t implement this on hermitcraft :c

  8. Or you could just type /weather clear 1000000. I think they fixed the bug
    which made it not work and it’s now usable. Also I’m not sure but it seems
    that it’s permanent too. I spend a lot of time in my test world and it
    never rains there.

  9. There is a way way WAY easier way to do this:
    Put an inverted daylight sensor on top of a command block with /weather
    clear 1000000 in it

    Boom, works really well and is only 2 blocks

  10. Hey x. Love this idea.
    It does work.
    I only thought of a way to make it even more compact. 2×1

    Remove the iron block with pressure plate and torch. Place a iron or gold
    pressure plate on the lower command block (the pressure plate that goes
    back instantly). Also place a torch underneeth the higher command block.
    Spawn the snowgolem two blocks above the lower commandblock. Give the golem
    little more health if possible

    Then when the golem dies. The redstone torch goes on, spawning a new golem.
    The lower commandblock gets unpowered. Once the snowgolem falls and hits
    the pressureplate. The rain turns off. And the torch unpowers.

    Your welcome:)


  11. Could you not check for the snowman taking damage? After this you execute a
    command to disable the rain, kill the snowman and spawn in a new one.

    Don’t get me wrong, this would work fine, but the other method might be
    slightly faster?

    Emphasis on the questionmark.. ^^

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