1. OK tried this on my vita on creative. Didn’t work. I don’t know if it just
    doesn’t work on creative and works on survival only or it just doesn’t work
    on a ps vita. 

  2. On the x1 the hopper glitch works great. lay out about 50 sets of hoppers
    fill each one with one item then fill one with 2 items to get the light
    steady. Now just run in and out of your nether portal about 10 to 15
    times(don’t collect till almost all lights steady or in and out as long as
    you want) guaranteed 5-7 stacks of that item. Works every time with “any”
    item. This does not work with ps4 skippy? Is lag issues different with
    different consoles? Been trying to figure out a way to afk the process
    with pistons pushing you in and out but no luck yet.

  3. Skippy is probably the only person that brings out good duplication
    glitches. Well done Skippy, although I won’t use it because I stay legit.

  4. Skippy if u want me and u can fight the wither join my world u will get
    achievement and if u want u can get end achieve ment

  5. Awesome… lol I did this with iron, I only have 7 blocks of diamond. Guess
    I need to go mining or keep resetting my nether to get enough diamonds to
    do this. Thanks for the vid :) 

  6. A little too late xD i just finished my full beacon. (Jk) thanks for the
    tutorial, man. I was waiting for a new duplication tutorial cuz none of the
    old ones seems to work. Keep it up, Skippy! :D 

  7. Hey we should make a collab video! I seen that you play minecraft and
    battlefield hardline. I play both of those games. 

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