1. Hi Xisuma, i was just wondering if you could record and upload ftb
    infinity. If you can’t please reply why! ;-) 

  2. I tried to blow up obsidian with 250 TNT minecarts.

    It didn’t work… And the game crashed.

  3. Nice modification to Docm’s trap, but if you’d replace the second repeater
    with a piece of redstone, then the trap would be cheaper and 1 tick faster. ;) 

  4. hey +xisumavoid i noticed that you had a repeater going from the sand block
    into the powered rails/tnt minecarts but why not have it without the
    repeater there and have the powered rails 1 block closer so that its even
    more compact? :D 

  5. I really hope that’s a copy of the server and not the real thing. Cause a
    whole bunch of chests blew up during the process and it’s not Xisuma’s
    character to create irreversible damage to someone else. Then again, docm
    and him are really close so there’s a chance that this kind of thing might
    be okay between them.

  6. I’m guessing it was a copy of the saved server for fun , eh ? I quite like
    that , I wish we have more of such videos !

  7. Why not instead break the rail, then have the sand above the tnt? It would
    cost no redstone or rails, really just the sand, cake, and the tnt

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