1. Reminds me of when I loaded up an alpha version of MC PC and played
    survival on there. I joined MC in 1.4, and MC Xbox in TU7, yet I feel VERY
    nostalgic when watching this! Great video, Toycat, I loved this one! :) 

  2. I went back to TU1 WITHOUT doing this,here’s the story,I was going to do a
    title update,I didn’t wanna,then,GLITCH!back to tu1,here’s what I
    saw,glitched cows and animals, glitched cape,etc.

  3. for anyone wanna do it straight away go to system then storage then goto
    minecraft then delete the update then load minecraft and dont install the
    update play offline 

  4. I did those before and I was stuck on the trial version and when I went
    back to the current update all my leaderboard progress was gone.

  5. I have the original world from when it was released I thought I was
    extremely lucky to have it but now I can get the glichy version of it lol :-D 

  6. to play tu1 on xbox RETAIL, delete title update then play take minecraft
    disc out and download demo instead, when demo is downloaded play demo,
    cancel update when it loads and enjoy. (Reminder it’s only the trial. can’t
    play full version)

  7. For some stupid reason, I love the old versions of minecraft because I
    didn’t know about minecraft until early 2013. Also He should do tour
    Stampy’s world when it was empty. You just do the same thing but, you need
    the seed for his world. It’ll also work on Beta 1.6.6 on PC.

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