1. +ma passion la fimo I am not able to reply to your comment due to your
    Google+ settings – there’s a link in the info box to a blog post I made
    with information about the fur and I believe I put a few alternatives in
    there <3

  2. +miriam Roiz Sânchez I am unable to reply to your comment due to your
    Google + settings. please Refer to the blog post linked in the info box for
    information about the fibres <3

  3. Yay im so happy !!!!!!! I was waiting for this video for months
    German shepherds are my favorite dog breed i liked your dog !!! It looks
    just like my dog Rex of Haus Beck Von Farbenspiel
    Great job i love this dog !!!!! :) 

  4. Omg! How gorgeous! You do beautiful work, I love this one because she looks
    just like our missy who just passed away. Down to her white belly..do you
    sell these? I would love to get one to remember our missy. You can email at
    sistahtalk3@gmail.com tfs..tonya

  5. my all time favorite Breed, I had them growing up… an planned getting
    one, but got well had a baby instead,,,maybe one day this is awesome, as
    owning one u nailed it

  6. Hi :) first I’d like to say that this tutorial is really amazing. Second,
    where do you buy the fur/hair you use for your animals? I’d like to create
    some of my own but can’t seem to find fur I can use 

  7. you are amazing as always :) I am surprised every time :) you do it as a
    job? I mean miniature for films or projects you would be perfect :) 

  8. I forgot to ask when you make a dog breed do you make one as an adult and
    one as a puppy?
    I have a chow chow and a Chihuahua also will you ever make a tutorial on
    those dogs?

  9. I know you don’t take animal requests but I was just wondering if you could
    do flocking tutorials for different patterns because for a dalmation it
    would be roughly the same shape as the dog you were making just then and
    then I wouldent be as time consuming to do

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