1. +SugarCharmShop Your attention to detail still amazes me each and every
    time. I was wondering, have you ever used fingernail polish to glaze your
    pieces or is it not compatible with the polymer clay?

  2. You continue to amaze me, you are the best at polymer clay charms. PLEASE
    REPLY… Do you think you can make a gift basket using like old videos
    (Chocolate, Candy etc.) Or make new ones. I would be SO happy if you did
    but otherwise, if you don’t have time on your hands, i understand. +

  3. You mention you like the vintage look, so just curious why you went the
    retro route with these kitchen appliances?

  4. Hi i just wondering what type of clay you use! I never made any claya andi
    want to start making them! Btw, i make squishies. But i think some charms
    need diff. Colors which sound so expensive.

  5. Incredible! I love watching you work. Do you have any plans on making a
    full kitchen scene to display your amazing creations in?

  6. i have scoured the internet for MONTHS ( im talken like 3 months here)and i
    have never found a better youtube channel for miniature stuff . i truly
    believe that you are the best teacher for miniature anything . you`ve made
    so many awesome and amazing things and you make it so easy to fallow along
    when you make stuff . i know in talking for everyone here when i say thank
    you for your amazing tutorials and your awesomeness :) 

  7. Can you make a cooked lobster tail? American money? Calamari – fried squid,
    a food in America called hot pockets? 

  8. Stop! Just stop!
    My heat can’t take this miniature cuteness anymore…
    I’m speechless… OMG this is… OMG <3
    You can do anything!! Amazing!! <3

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