1. i love the way the inside looks!
    i bet that outside cane makes a TON of little slices though *-* i wouldn’t
    know what to do with the rest if i only made one pineapple. hehe

  2. When showing what colours you used and mixed (about 20 seconds in), you put
    “rown” instead of “brown” haha me and spelling errors…

  3. Pineapple=summer=:)
    And that in miniature! So cute!!!!!! I love the music in the background, it
    reminded me of a tropical island .:) and I ordered a set of dotting tools!!
    So exited!!!;). Thank you so much for posting these videos. You inspire me
    so much!!!!

  4. You’re very intelligent to come up with the method of making all these
    detailed, realistic looking pieces. Thanks for all the inspirations and
    tutorials over these years, you’ve helped me a lot too and it’s been great
    watching all the new videos! Please keep up with them! :) 

  5. OMG you made my request!!!!
    I love it!!!! I know I’m not alone on the request, but I am very very very
    happy that you made something that a request on the past… 5 videos?
    Hahaha thank you!!

    One question: when you put the slices on the base, did they glue by it self
    or do you have to put some glace or glue? They don’t fall apart? If you put
    polymer clay side by side, they stick together?

    Kisses from Brazil!!
    And thank you! <3

  6. I remember the picture! :D Hahaha I used to be allergic to pineapple but
    now I am not. I am so happy I am not anymore. ^^ The pineapples looks so
    delicious! ♥ It looked complicated to make, but you always make it easier!

    It’s amazing how a miniature can have so muh detail! 0__0 I am always
    stunned whatever you make, Tanja. ♡ :O

  7. can you make a horse charm next! I’ve never made one maybe u can teach me :) Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please
    Please Please Please Please Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve watched ALL
    of your videos, and subscribed and liked all your videos can’t u do this
    one little thing for me :) Please.

  8. I have a video request :) could you maybe do a video or even just a picture
    on Instagram of what eyeshadow pigment looks like on charms because I’ve
    been wanting to know if that could be another option for me instead of
    crafting pigments/powders :) btw I have seen your video on this stuff but I
    would like to see what it looks like! thank you so much! Bye! :) <3

  9. Your miniatures are hands down perfection ! It’s jaw dropping how realistic
    your miniatures look. Well made and presented !<3 <3

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