1. Amazing! You make it look so easy, but I know how much work goes into
    designing and making something like this. Well done as always!

  2. The things that you are now making are simply INCREDIBLE!!!! This waffle
    iron is one of the Best that I have ever seen and the fact that you have
    sculpted the entire thing from polymer clay and introduced enamel powers
    into the mix is….. DOUBLE INCREDIBLE!!!!! :D 

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I’ve been thinking forever about
    getting the miniture waffle iron from miniature sweet, but now I just make
    it myself :) 

  4. I want to thank you for sharing your talent and for showing me a miniature
    world that I really didn’t know existed!….I am in my late 70′s and have
    been busy making regular size sculptures , so this small world escaped my
    notice…I watched your video showing a miniature craft show, and I
    absolutely loved it. I wanted everything, and now I want to make doll
    houses for my granddaughters….I love your animals and people dolls…you
    are a very talented young lady, and would make a knock-out sculptor for
    larger work if you so desired. thank you again for sharing…Ouida

  5. I noticed that sometimes you use pastels to shade before you bake and
    sometimes after. Any particular advantage to either method?

  6. absolutely amazing as usual! I love that you are doing kitchen utensils and
    white goods. i’m not sure if its been requested yet and sorry if it has but
    a coffee machine? like one of those nespresso pods machines or if you
    really want a challenge one of those bigger ones!

  7. You talk about the embossing powder you use as EF Color. I can’t seem to
    find this anywhere. Can you help me with where to find this stuff?

  8. I’ve seen many clay tutorials, but none like these XD you are amazingly
    great at clay sculpting/making. I wouldn’t be surprised if that waffle iron
    just came to life and started poppin out waffles ^w^!

  9. Sugarcharmshop I have an idea you could do for Valentine’s day but you dont
    have to:make some heart shaped sugar cookies on a platter like there coming
    out of the oven. Mmmmm yummy

  10. Even though I can’t do any of these, I still really enjoy watching your
    videos, they’ve always amazed me! You are really amazing :) 

  11. all of your creations are so detailed and intricate, and unbelievable
    PERFECT! soooo talented! I don’t understand how you can do it wit

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