1. I really do like these videos, don’t get me wrong, but could you maybe do
    one drag queen tutorial and another tutorial for certain looks once a week?

  2. Omg HOW HOW HOW Is your skin SO freakin flawless?! I must know your
    secrets! Lol But honestly Nikki…. you seriously have one of the most
    beautiful faces I’ve ever seen… and I’m not even exaggerating. I’m in awe
    when I watch your videos! Your bone structure is just sooo gorgeous…
    those stunning cheekbones, such a perfect pout, gorgeous crystal blue eyes,
    and perfect porcelain skin! Your face = skincare/makeup GOALS! Lol :D 

  3. My favourite was Katya, she has such a fierce personality and she’s funny
    haha but to be honest I don’t think she’s going to win.

  4. I’M SO HAPPY YOU INCLUDED THE MUSTACHE this is beautiful and i’m seriously
    loving that red wig on you! p.s i love that sneaky Jasmine Masters shade

  5. I love this series of YouTube videos, but I don’t watch the rupaul show….
    I wish you would add in some clips of the person you’re inspired by! Thanks :) 

  6. It was not very yellow OMG the match was SOOO GOOD I wanted to cry all the
    redness was gone and your neck and face flowed beautifully, please keep
    looking into a bit more yellow based foundations nikkie they look the best
    on you <3333

  7. OMG Nikkie, can you PLEASE review those foundation sticks??? Im thinkig. Of
    getting them too but I dont know if I should!! Please

  8. You are such an artist !!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT WORK !!!!! i’m no where near
    your league so i’m gonna ask an amateur question, does your highlight have
    to match your blush? Like if i use maryloumanizer with a pink cheek? or
    opal as a highlighter with a pink cheek? 

  9. my favorite overall look was probably violet but pearl was soooo funny when
    she was walking into things during the theatre challenge and i loved how
    funny katya was (as always tho) i liked miss fame’s look too bc of the
    hearts, anyway…it’ll all make sense later (when??)

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