1. I don’t even use or do makeup, I’m just here because it’s so interesting to
    see you werk your magic. Oh my god that bone structure joke slayed me. By
    the way you should change your drag name from Miss Fame to Miss Jesus
    because you’re honestly bringing me back to life right now with that
    ferocity. My only complaint is that I wish we could see more of you in drag
    after all the makeup is applied, it’s such a tease to only see a small
    snippet of it, but that might be intentional. Love you Miss Fame. Wish you
    the best on Drag Raceee <3. 

  2. Those eyebrows were gorgeous! Using the different shades was an amazing
    idea and really made a difference, by far my favorite part of the look.
    However, the entire thing was completely as usual! I love your work!
    Wishing you the best on RPDR!

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