1. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time, but I’ve never left a comment. But
    today, I had to! Amanda, you are STUNNING with paler skin! With this makeup
    look, you are like a modern day Snow White! You just look so fresh &
    beautiful. I’m totally diggin’ it. ;) XOXO

  2. Do you have to touch up your hair? I keep asking because I have naturally
    black hair but it’s not AS dark as your beautiful new hair! But I can’t
    afford to keep touching It up. Wondering how long yours has lasted. Love
    this look by thr way! Gorgeous as usual:)

  3. I love your skin tone. Back in the day we would say your skin is like
    porcelain. That’s finest, most delicate material good China was made from.
    Gives you a little old Hollywood look. 

  4. Hey Amanda :) love your videos! Can you please tell me what brush you used
    for highlighting your cheek bones? Also what are your fav eye brushes?
    Sigma, makeup geek or morphe! Thanks so much!!!

  5. I would LOOOVE to see another look with the melt cosmetics shadows. Maybe
    you could talk a bit about them too? Love the Naked 2 tutorial you did the
    other week too, ive been wearing that look almost every day, and I use to
    be really underwhelmed by that palette. You are the BEST Amanda!! Thankyou
    for opening me up to new colors I would never try :D I seriously live for
    your tutorials XD

  6. The way you layered the eyeshadows and colors you chose were Beautiful!
    Thank you SOOOO much for doing a close up, because I could see exactly
    where you placed everything! Eyeshadow is my favorite part of makeup – it
    really does make a difference in making eyes look more enhanced and

  7. Very pretty! I love the dark hair on you! I feel that pale skin looks
    beautiful with dark hair. That Snow White look ;) 

  8. Omg Amanda this is easily one of my favourite looks you have EVER done! You
    look so beautiful, and that eyeshadow turned out just amazing. Also, the
    paleness really suits you, so keep embracing it

  9. Just a thought – when you aren’t self tanned and with the black hair – I
    think cooler colors would look beautiful on you. Can you do a tutorial for
    us cool-toned ladies?? Taupey crease colors/less orange contouring/more
    pink colored cheeks etc. There isn’t a lot of it on youtube and you could
    pull it off now, I think more than the warm tones!

  10. can someone let me know which is better the nars all day luminous
    foundation of the laura mercier smooth finish? (for someone with combo
    skin) x

  11. You’re in TN?!?! I never knew this! I’m from TN too & the weather this past
    week has been super hot, rainy, or cold. It’s wacky. lol but anywho, I love
    your tutorials. They’re very thorough & I learn a lot from them, so thank
    you for sharing your talents. Much love to you beautiful! 

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