1. Since someone (Bobbya1984) who posts videos on a respected gaming channel
    (which is a questionable opinion) like IGN calls people pathetic for
    following their interest in gaming, might as well sink to your level.
    Buying a console to play a series you love isn’t pathetic. IGN letting you
    post your mediocre CoD commentaries (one of the most saturated areas of
    youtube) on the IGN channel so you can leech off of it instead of putting
    them on a channel you made yourself so people don’t have to deal with “it’s
    yo boy Bobbya *insert shit no one cares about that has to do with you as if
    you’re a celebrity and people will care*). The number of people that go out
    of their way to voice their disapproval overshadows the number of “bro
    gamers” that come to your aid. Really if they let you post more often than
    once in a blue moon, I’d bet my left nut the subscriber numbers would
    plummet. That’s what I find pathetic here. Have a nice day though, my boy

  2. Epic game. For the people who didn’t play any of the monster hunter games.
    Well you MUST test it. Especially this last one here.

  3. Is better to wait until the head director starts to see, if we launches the
    game in Wii U, but theres a Remake of a Monster Hunter Frontier, is already
    in Jap for PS3/4, WiiU, and it could launch it here maybe

  4. While I was watching this trailer I couldn’t help but say “Ya no sh*t” so
    many times:
    0:58 – “But watch out, these monsters will fight back”…Ya no sh*t, I
    thought they were friendly and they wouldn’t attack you, even though I just
    killed their family, and destroyed their home
    1:06 – “Hunting monsters is serious business”…Ya no sh*t, You know what?
    I’ll take it lightly, and not even care
    1:35 – “Taking down a monster, takes smarts and skills”…Ya no sh*t, I
    thought it took stupidity and lack of skill
    1:50 – “How you take down monsters, is up to you”…Ya no sh*t, isn’t that
    why we like the game?
    2:20 – “No hunter is complete without a trusty weapon”…Ya no sh*t, I
    thought I could just kill a dragon by staring at it, or poking it to death
    with my pinky
    In all seriousness though, this game does look awesome just like the past
    Monster Hunter(s) 030 it always reminds me of the Dungeon Crawling in World
    of Warcraft, or Diablo

  5. The game has been fairly easy so far, the hardest monster I killed was the
    Gore Magala which is insane in it’s purple horn mode.

  6. love this game but atm I’m more in to soul sacrifice delta and toukiden on
    my vita, still love my 3ds tho just not really enjoying it as much as some
    other games on my xbox 1 and vita :) 

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