1. You’re SO beautiful without the makeup!! And your eyebrows were already on
    fleek before u did them! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE

  2. i just wanted to say that i love you so much and you’re so funny and you’re
    gorgeous and when you favorite my tweets it gives me life so thank you and
    i really hope i get to meet you one day because you are my queen oh and if
    you see this i would love it if you dm’d me or followed me or tweeted me i
    mean if you don’t its obviously okay because theres so many other people
    that dm you and all but it would make my life if you did okay sorry this is
    so long love you byeeeee :) twitter: ilymorecam 

  3. Lauren I legit love you so much man!! I’ve been with you since the Princess
    Lauren days, through the different hair colors, from Vine to Snapchat to
    YouTube!! Girl you are queen and you are gorgeous!!! SNAPCHAT GANGGGG

  4. Lauren you are honestly my inspiration. I have been watching your vines
    forever and I am so happy that you started a youtube channel. You are the
    funniest, most gorgeous person in the world and I really look up to you.
    Once I spammed you on instagram with comments and then you liked my
    picture. I was LITERALLY dying. It would really mean a ton to me if you
    dmed me on instagram because I would LOVE to talk to you. I am in Miami and
    I went to the aventura mall today looking for you and I sent to 4million
    snapchats so I am sorry about that. You inspire me so much and I just
    wanted to let you know how good of a person you are. Keep being you because
    you are making an amazing impact on mine, and probably many other peoples
    lives. I just wanted to let you know how amazing you really are. Just a
    reminder that my IG is jillianroseee_ and i would love it if you DMed me.

  5. i love u lauren ive known u since forever ur first vine i saw was ‘teachers
    on the first day: welcome to my class lets have a great year. Second week:
    set ur dirty books down’ ive been there for u since u were chubby (no
    offence u were adorable) then through the phase were u dyed ur hair light
    brown to dark then the purple dip dyes and ive been watching ur snapchat
    since forever love u lauren keep doing what u do! xx

  6. OMG ur actually responding to people? You are so beautiful and I know you
    probably hear it from just about every fan girl but it’s so try I love you
    so much so plz I will die of happieness! ❤️ love ya!

  7. Lauren, I love your makeup so much!! You are so sweet and beautiful and
    inspiration! I also love your Ariana Grande impressions, your always on
    fleek and your singing always inspirers me to do better! I really hope I
    can meet you one day! I love you so much!!!!!
    P.S ( I always look forward to your vides and snapchat stories, and
    vines, the always make my day and make me laugh!)
    Love your biggest fan,
    Ciara ( SNAPCAT GANGGG!!!)

  8. what facewash do you use? because mine drys my skin out so much and im
    trying to find a good facewash. could someone tell me some good ones that
    wont dry my skin out? 

  9. I really don’t see why you have to put on make up cause ur already FLAWLESS
    lmao love u!!! And I know I’m late but SNAPCHAT GANG TOO STRONG!

  10. I love you so much Lauren. I’m in your snap chat gang and I adore you you
    have the voice of an angel. You’re beautiful inside and out . You are a
    viner that has gone the distance and made a great life out of 6 second
    videos. On YouTube you look comfortable in all your videos and act like you
    have been doing this for years and years. LOVE YOU LAUREN GIRALDO

  11. even when you do a video that is not supposed to be funny or you don’t
    intend it to be, you still manage to make me laugh…like how is that
    possible? you are probably one of my favourite social media stars out of
    all of them :) 

  12. Lauren what that mouth do??
    You should make a video where you are butt ass nakkid and describe every
    body part and your most memorable experiences with that body part. Start
    twerking , back that ass up, show us what that mouth do, you sexy ma fucka

  13. Omg I love you so much lauren I’ve been watching your vines for ever and
    you’re so funny!!! You’re such an inspiration and you’re also beautiful
    with and without makeup! Your eyebrows are on fleek bæ xxxxx ( follow my
    Instagram – @rachel.loudon )

  14. Ahh I love this!! It’s 3am where I live and I’m trying this tutorial! Love
    it and you look great!! And also snapchat gang bc why not lol! Can you
    follow me on Twitter @GabbiWalton Love you Lauren!

  15. every time u pop up onto snapchat or vine or YouTube I immediately click UR

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