1. u look nothing like u do in pictures
    wooow u make ur eyes lighter in pictures and in videos they are dark
    she does resemble kendall but kendall is youthful and young looking
    this girl looks old be yourself already

  2. I’m so curious please tell me, do you get all your facial hair lasered off,
    threaded or what?
    Cause we all have facial hair, baby hairs, etc. but yours is all gone and
    so clean looking I love it you look gorgeous! <3

  3. Everyone who says you photoshop your photos so much obviously has no idea
    how a camera works. Different light, lenses and processors all can make you
    look very different. I’d be embarrased for my followers. Sorry you get this
    much crap. Keep doing what you’re doing :) 

  4. Evon, you’re very exotic looking! and quite beautiful with and without
    makeup. you also have a great voice, I say this because many YT gurus out
    there sound so “valley girl-ish” that its annoying to listen to them. but
    you’re very toned-down and that’s a great quality. What’s your ethnicity
    btw =)

  5. It’s so nice to get to see more of your personality!
    I feel like when most YouTube beauty gurus say they’re showing us their
    “everyday makeup”, it’s still as complicated as their normal tutorials.
    Yours is much more realistic and pretty.
    Best of luck with everything and can’t wait until the next video:)

  6. You’re so beautiful, I love watching your videos. My dream too see you one
    day Insha Allah. Kisses from France .. ♡♡

  7. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE every look you do but there’s something about a
    “simple everyday” look that you make look effortlessly gorgeous!! My
    favorite look thus far!

  8. Yay I like that you are talking un this video (not voice over) and that we
    get to see your personality more!
    Also, your everyday make up is lovely and you look more than stunning

  9. If only the first step to looking this gorgeous everyday wasnt “be evon ”
    lol your so beautiful ! Keep doing you. Ps i stalked You on instagram
    way before i ever knew you were a beauty guru then when i found out i was
    like <3. <3 thank you jesus 

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