1. Loved the video I would love to ask you something since your a YouTube guru
    and have a lot of followers on your social network I was wondering if you
    can please post something on lupus awareness it’s a sickness taking ppl
    life’s every day including kids Selena Gomez lady gaga have it this
    sickness doesn’t have a loud voice a lot of ppl don’t talk about it if you
    posting ppl can be aware of it learn from it and get check for it please
    and thank you I myself have lupus

  2. Gorgeous look. I needed some new ideas for the Lorac Pro 2. I have had it
    for a long time and barely used it at all. Thanks for a great tutorial =)

  3. this is weird but the natural color of your eyelids is so pretty, its like
    golden. if i had that color i wouldn’t even wear eyeshadow lol

  4. Wow you look flawless and your skin is getting better. So happy to know. If
    possible please do an undated skin care routine.

  5. Gorgeous sweater, where did you get it?!? . I’m glad to see you aren’t
    letting those that want to keep you down get to you.

  6. I need to really take out my Lorac pro palette more often ..it’s gets lost
    in the pile of palettes! Beautiful look love !

  7. The contour you applied first appeared to be very a muted purple shade. The
    final contour/bronzer shade looks very red. It actually looks similar to
    the appearance of having rosacea on your lower cheeks. It might be the
    discoloration of the video. But in comparison to the eye makeup it looks
    very red. 

  8. yes please do a top morphe brushes video! i been interested in getting some
    morphe brushes. maybe even compare them to sigma ones?

  9. Hey girl Just wanted to Tell u that I’ve Been subscribes to ur Chanel for a
    while Now but at first i didnt watch them as much & Now I’ve Been liking
    them a whole lot more & Been watching them more often ☺️

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