1. The thing with SPF in makeup, you usually aren’t putting enough of it on to
    get the full benefits of the the SPF.

  2. I think you may need to go to an actual Chanel Boutique for the
    brush….not just a dept store counter. Could be wrong though. I went in
    for just a brush, and walked out with a very light wallet, because who can
    resist ever more Chanel makeup? :) I have the Secrete Coco Shine
    too….it’s lovely.

  3. Thanks for the video. I’m glad to have another look for my grege palette.
    What color do you use in the Neutrogena foundation?

  4. I LOVE the sigmax brushes for cream products, they blend so easily! And
    you’re really going to do damage to my wallet with all these awesome
    products, I’ve been eyeing several of them for a while now! 

  5. can you please recommend a good BB cream. now that im starting to run out
    of my Mac studio fix + powder (i didnt really like it) i wanna try
    something more natural. any tips for a new bb cream or foundation even?

  6. Very beautiful Tiffany! I love those Rimmel glosses so much that I bought
    every color :) They are just so wonderful! Great video hun! :) ~Christy

  7. Please do a bridal look! Your such an inspiration! I’ve been watching you
    for a while and I need more guidance. It would mean so much to me! Please! 

  8. Thank you! I finally got my winged liner today to look good. Not like a
    crazy witch. Love your everyday make up look. 

  9. I’m not sure about this specific foundation, but I do know that the
    neutrogena skin clearing foundation can be used with a nars pump so it
    might also work for this one. :) 

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