1. I hate all of these “anti-makeup” videos. I don’t wear makeup, (I wouldn’t
    call myself a “tomboy” or whatever, but nor am I a “girlygirl”) but women
    and girls alike (Even men and boys if they wish) should be able to choose
    whether or not they want to wear makeup, and should not be criticized or
    discouraged for wearing it, and same thing with not wearing makeup. While I
    don’t personally agree that people should wear makeup on a daily basis
    (only on special occasions like a dance, date, etc), I respect them for
    their decision, because it is their own choice and not mine.

  2. I think this is it… i’ve finally reached my breaking point with Buzzfeed
    comments. I just can’t read them any more.

    There are just too many stupid people…

  3. So I guess the word “parody” and the blatant sarcasm mean nothing to some
    of you? The point of the video isn’t to shame women who do or don’t wear
    makeup. Don’t make this a bigger deal than what it really is.

  4. Is this video supposed to encourage women to not wear makeup because makeup
    is ‘unnatural’? Because honestly, some of us don’t care about being
    natural. I’m constantly beaten down for my makeup, people saying I’m trying
    to look older or hide my true self, and that I should try a more ‘natural’
    look. But according to THIS even the most ‘natural’ of makeup is too heavy.
    Why can’t we just wear whatever makeup, as much or as little or none, as we
    want to and makes us confident and happy?

  5. BuzzFeedVideo promotes Natural Makeup look
    BuzzFeedYellow would say that females dont need make up and natural is
    Buzzfeed departments are all hypocrites orr they are currently at war with
    eachother lol

  6. She looks 45 with the makeup and 23 without makeup. This makeup artist
    sucks big time. If you want to achieve “natural” makeup then she should’ve
    used tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, highlighter instead of
    concealer, a pinkish peachy lip and a small winged liner for the eyes. Yes
    i’m a dude and I know more about makeup than this bitch. Her face looks
    poreless almost plastic like. 

  7. Really, a freaking makeup tutorial? when did buzzfeed start making makeup
    tutorials? so I guess next their gonna do a “how to put on weave” tutorial.
    At this point, buzzfeed can make a video of a dog pooping and still call it

  8. Edited: They have edited the title because so many of us didn’t get it.

    I can’t tell if this is a parody or not.

    “Without a blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of
    extremism or fundamentalism that someone won’t mistake for the real thing.”

    anyway, I can’t help but think how beautiful Allison is without makeup.

  9. I, for one, am glad that “natural” makeup is being called out for the sham
    and ridiculousness that it is. Perhaps “minimal” is a better word. 

  10. Honestly, I don’t like makeup. When I move out (15) I’m barely going to use
    makeup. Right now all I use is lip-gloss now and then. I find it kind of
    stupid how other women contour their faces and cover up all their flaws. No
    one is perfect, but they are more realistic and beautiful before than

  11. I don’t feel like they’re making fun of girls who wear makeup, I think
    they’re making fun of the “Natural” make up tutorials that don’t have
    anything natural on them.

  12. i’m slightly confused, as usually your videos are positive, and make me
    feel good about myself, and maybe i’m missing the point, but this video
    made me feel really bad about myself. it made me feel as if enjoying
    wearing makeup makes me in some way less intelligent than i am; like
    wearing makeup automatically means you’re a ditz or vain. i see nothing
    wrong with women who wear a full face of makeup everyday, women who wear it
    on occasion, or women who never wear it. this anti-makeup, anti-femininity
    “feminism” is not feminism at all. by tearing down other women because of
    how we perceive them based on their appearances or by what things they
    enjoy, we’ll never be able to reach a point where everyone is truly equal.
    let’s just say this; the amount of makeup you prefer to have on your face
    does not in any way make you more or less of a man or a woman, nor does it
    make you more or less of a human. 

  13. I really don’t like Gabby, she’s not funny on vine and she’s not funny on
    her other YouTube videos. She shouldn’t make videos.

  14. This video isn’t to shame people who wear makeup, it’s to show what
    “natural” is really supposed to be. I think makeup is like the story of the
    boy who cried wolf. Wear layers and layers everyday, and people get used to
    it. It’s what they expect you to look like, and without makeup people are
    very surprised by how you look. But every once in a while, use it to make
    yourself look amazing, and people will be wowed.

  15. To people saying makeup is not natural, nobody said it was, they were
    saying it’s a natural look. The whole point of a natural look is to help
    cover some things like dark circles and acne without getting a fake or
    caked look. There’s sort of a scaling for makeup too (natural, full face,
    and no makeup). Also this was a parody video! Meaning all the things they
    did are not really done for a natural look! 

  16. her pores aren’t natural at her age but she has naturally large
    pores…..wait what…you know pores help your skin breath and help
    lubricate the skin,,,,lets shrink them for a nice breakout in the morning

  17. *flips table* why I no how to make up!!!!
    I just go with no makeup cause everyone gets to see my natural face. So
    when I do feel like putting makeup on everyone is like “you look so cute”.
    Then I can go back to normal face and people aren’t shocked as hell. I’ve
    seen Co workers wear makeup every single day and then I see them without
    there makeup and I sometimes get kinda shocked. It’s just cause I don’t see
    them without makeup very often. So wear no makeup most of the time and then
    surprise them with makeup every once in awhile. It’s just something I do.
    Although makeup to me is considered the female war paint. Go getm 

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