1. Love it! I would love to see you apply makeup on another person just to get
    a feel for what you would do on different eye shapes, face shapes, etc

  2. anyone know where i could get NYX cosmetics in Canada? and the highlight
    and contour palette. help a Canadian girl out :P really sucsk that ulta or
    nyx dont ship to Canada :( 

  3. I love this neutral look, the lighter color on the lids and feint brown on
    the crease. It’s that ‘I have no makeup on but still look beautiful’ look.
    I think no matter what age you are makeup has the ability to make a person
    look older. Someone that’s 15 might want that, lol. But for anyone in their
    20′s on up and especially 30′s on up we do not want or need that heavy or
    very colorful makeup to do that. Keep doing this sort of theme, I like it :) 

  4. Can someone please tell me the brush she used to bronze her face with the
    bahama mama bronzer? Its a short handle fluffy brush! 

  5. I known Crown brushes ever since youtube started but I never knew if anyone
    has review on them.They said most makeup companies get brushes from them.I
    wanna know if they shed ?! cause they dont cost a lot I have my doubts that
    they might shed ! Any advise please ?!

  6. Wow your skin looks super amaze! You look so fresh n so clean, like
    sleeker, younger and refreshed. You always look bomb but your looking even
    more bomb :D 

  7. I love it! And I liked that you didn’t use an eyeliner. Also can you do a
    neutral look with the Too Face Chocolate Bar Palette? 

  8. Can you please do a video or 2 applying makeup on another person (whos on
    another youtuber) so we can see how you apply makeup for different eye
    shapes and such. Keep up the good work !!

  9. Is this look that can go with any color of clothing. I’m looking for a nice
    look for my baby shower but don’t know what color of eye shadow to wear. 

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