1. Diana :) im planning on buying a creamy contour pallete,have you tried the
    new anastasia beverlly hills pallete ? If you did what do think? What are
    your recommendations ? Thank you :)
    And as always,wonderful tutorial <3<3

  2. I did purchase the duraline from inglot because it looked fabulous on you
    however, it didn’t work for me :( can you please do a tutorial on how to
    use it!

  3. What foundation, highlight and contour did you use in this video? Your skin
    looks so healthy and glowy, and the slight contour looks like the perfect
    colour! Pleease reply! Great video Xx

  4. Such a perfect look. I am so excited for spring!! Living in cold, wintery
    Canada, spring is like the best friend you haven’t seen in 10 years by the
    time winter is over lmfao

  5. So beautiful!!! I love it. I cant wait to try it out myself. The eyeshadow
    you used from makeup atelier (i think) was like a nice pretty pink colour
    in the pan but turned out smoky on the eye. Interesting.

  6. Loved it ! Would Inglot by duraline make the gel eyeliner application
    easier? it often is too dry which makes it hard to apply, do you have any
    idea? xx 

  7. Great look! Well, it’s off the topic but i was wondering lately… is it
    your natural hair color? Or have you ever considered bleaching or changing
    your hair? I had to ask, my curiosity have won :D 

  8. You are my best inspiration Diana, I love you so much, hope i’ll met you
    one day because you seem to be a calm and nice person.

  9. Hi Diana!! Great job!!! You’re perfect!!!…. Can you re-upload your
    everyday make up tutorial? The one that has Russ Chimes – Targa song in the
    back please! I love that video!

  10. I loved this look. Do you think it’s possible to do a tutorial on how you
    used the Duraline with the pressed eyeshadow?

  11. I have a feeling that this spring i will be wearing that look a lot!! Like
    usual your makeup is perfection!!!

  12. Your foundation looks so flawless!! Please don’t skip your foundation part.
    We’d like to see your full face make-up gorgeous.

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