1. I really don’t want to sound rude but that lipstick shade is not working
    for you. I get that it’s supposed to be a look not specially on what fits
    you but to be fair the lipstick shade ruined the make up look for me
    personally. You’re great and talented ilysm and keep going. 

  2. Mind checking out my purple glitter smoky eye NYE look? Im 16 and just
    started up my beauty channel, i would appreciate it :) ❤️

  3. Gorgeous!!

    ♡♡Any youtubers want to stalk eachothers channel?! {:
    I’d loooove the support on trying to reach 9k

  4. she used to be my favorite youtuber but i dont like her anymore. she always
    does the same tutorials and she keeps on abusing her channel . 

  5. Love this!!! SO gorgeous!!!

    Any smaller YouTubers want to support each other? Subscribe, reply to this
    comment letting me know and I will subscribe back! xxx

  6. Gorgeous as always :) expect nothing less from you though. Thanks for
    sharing, all of your looks are so stunning. Hope you have a great new years
    eve!! Love you XOXO

  7. You rock these dark looks so well I’d look out of a horror movie if I tried
    this plus I don’t have your blending skills haha but great makeup as usual
    your stunning 

  8. love love love this look! i do think though, this is your worst video yet.
    it is so rushed and it feels you are so disengaged from the video. I hope
    everything in your life is okay <3 <3 sending positive vibes and much love

  9. Love love love this look!!! I just started my own channel and posted a
    makeup look that is a bit more subtle! Check it out :) 

    dream that in a year my channel will be as flawless.. i’m workin on it

  11. Hi Lauren, love your videos! I literally trust your opinion on makeup more
    than anyone else in the world probably haha but if I could put in a request
    for a video idea it would be how you treat (or used to treat) the different
    types of pimples that you got. I know in previous videos you talk about the
    difference between pimples that never come to a head versus pimples that do
    versus smaller ones, so I would appreciate if you could talk more in depth
    about the different things that you do to treat pimples (spot treatments,
    popping versus leaving them, etc.) depending on the type of pimple that it
    is if that makes sense. Also if you could touch a bit more on how the Pill
    affected your skin that would be great. Thank you so much!! 

  12. Hi laur/people reading this, i have a question.
    I wanna buy some new brushes, preferably a set. Which brushes/sets do you
    recommend? I have about 60,- to spend. Please help me! :) 

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