1. You broke the internet, Jaclyn. Lol I’ve been trying to order your morphe
    eyeshadows and it looks like the website is down. Ima keep tryin’!

  2. Waited all night to order the pallet, but the site crashed. I’ve been
    trying for over an hour & sadly I think it’s time to give up

  3. Jaclyn legitamittly looks like a drag queen. Between the too highlighted
    under eyes, the drag like eyebrows and seriously everything else. 

  4. I’ve been trying to get to the morphe brushes site to order a palette, but
    I’m guessing too many people were ordering b/c it says it’s down! Ugh, I
    should’ve ordered at midnight. It’s almost 8am and I’ve been trying for 30
    mins. I guess I’m too late…how sad :( 

  5. i have no idea what 2015 has in store for me!! But i hope this year will be
    amazing because 2014 actually sucked for me but was amazing at the same
    time! diagnosed with cancer in march 2014 and finished all my treatment
    december 2014 so its a bitter sweet kind of thing aha!! i hope everyone has
    the best year! p.s jacyln ur an inspiration to me i know you hear that a
    lot but being a 17 year old girl who lost all her hair i wasnt comfortable
    even seeing myself in the mirror but i would wear your rose hill lipgloss
    everyday and people would always tell me how niice i looked!! you gave me
    the confidence i needed i hope you are as much as an inspiration to others
    like you were to me!


  7. I love to see you collaborate with makeup companies, especially with lesser
    known makeup companies(anything you do, I want to support, because I love
    your advice and tutorials)….but when their sites can’t support your fan
    traction…its really disappointing. I want to buy your palette from
    Morphe, since you recommended those eye shadows, and I trust your advice
    …but since their site has crashed multiple times, it turns me off. It
    makes me want to save my money and put it towards mac shadows…or
    something else more easily accessible. I hate being negative, but I was
    really excited about purchasing this palette and I can’t because the site
    won’t load for me, as it won’t for many of your followers. 

  8. What suprises me is how Jaclyn is coming out with her favorites pallette
    with Morphe Brushes yet she hasn’t done any videos about it. Does anyone
    know why? Because at the end of the day I wanna know why she picked those
    colors though it is obviously a favorite pallette. I just wanna depth from
    HER. Anyways I got my hands on it which took HOURS. 

  9. Very unprofessional launching a product and making fans wait for hours?
    Sorry, I wanted to really support you but this is a total turnoff. Folded.

  10. I’m in shade 123 tooo! Ahh MUFE HD foundation is quickly becoming my new
    favourite foundation! Loved the look Jaclyn :) 

  11. My new years resolution is to find a job in my field so that i can pay off
    my school debt and get my parents out of debt :/ #faith

  12. Amazing, Your are so amazing. I am glad I have been subscribed to your for
    a year almost <3 My new years resolution's create more videos for my
    Youtube including some makeup tutorials <3

  13. Dat perfect eyeliner tho.
    Jaclyn, I’m like super awkwardly obsessed with watching you draw your
    eyeliner lol. Just fyi Jaclyn–I gained a lot of subbies because of your
    help! You’re freaking amazeballs xoxo

  14. Trying about every 30 minutes to an hour for 24 hours since midnight last
    night definitely paid off. I’ve been wanting to buy something you’ve been a
    part of but haven’t been able to even being a loyal subscriber for 3 years
    now, I can’t wait to get it in the mail! So proud of where you’ve come and
    where you’re going.

  15. I don’t understand why people think this is Jaclyn’s fault. Many websites
    crash…when lilly pulitzer has a huge sale you have to wait hours just to
    get into the website. Sephora crashed a couple of weeks ago for hours.
    Anytime one of the clothing websites (red dress or shop the mint) have a
    huge sale the website crashes.
    If you guys just have patience then it’d be alright yes it’s frustrating
    but it’s really good for Jaclyn because it shows what a big fan base she
    Congratulations and hopefully more people will be more supportive and

  16. Hello, I want to let you know that I’ve been up since 3am. Ohio time.
    Trying to order your favs pallet from Morphe. I got to the point of finally
    getting the pallet in the ordered section. Now I can’t check out.
    Ughhhhhhhhh. I’m so frustrated. I love you ladybug, yet I’m tired and can’t
    keep on doing it. I guess I will not get one. Love you but their server is
    a mess.

  17. I want to try this look! Super easy but I love the effect of it. This year
    I kind of want to follow in your foot steps. I currently work at ulta and I
    don’t think it’s been the right path for me. I’m not given the chance to do
    what I love as much as I’d like to. Last year MAC offered me free lance but
    I was afraid to take it because I was dedicated to ulta. At the time I was
    offered manager positions that did not work out. So I think I’m going to
    give MAC a full shot and then jump on the YouTube train because it seems so
    amazing. Anyways I haven’t really told anyone that but you really friggin
    inspire me. I wish I could meet you and talk to you in person about this
    stuff cause you definitely know what you’re doing.

  18. Jaclyn! Loved this look! I cannot wait to get your Morphe shadows, no
    matter how long I have to wait!

    -My New Years resolution is to just try to stay true to myself and try to
    make myself happy. I very much a people please whether it’s friends, love
    life or at work. I’ve been told this for years and know it’s true, so this
    year I will try to make a change and make myself more of a happy person!
    ALSO…I kind of started this mid way through 2014, but I’ve given up the
    tanning bed. I know that sounds silly, but it’s setting I’ve done for way
    too long and at almost 29, in seeing the signs and girl I use that NARS
    Instant Line and Pore Perfector like it’s going out of style bc of it! And
    lastly, I want to live more outside the box this year. I want to travel
    more and see our beautiful country. I live in a very small, country town in
    KY, where I have to drive 2 hours to get to the nearest, “decent” shopping
    mall. So I want to get out and live this beautiful life! Thank you for all
    you do and continue to do for your subscribers and fans! It doesn’t go
    unnoticed or unappreciated!! Happy New Year!! XOXO

  19. oh jaclyn i’ve literally been sitting here trying to reload the morphe page
    for 30 minutes and nothing. i just want to order it before it gets sold
    out!! i will cry if i dont get it. i love you and admire you so much and im
    super excited with this palette. 

  20. Congrats on your new palette! I’ve already pre ordered it! :) )) Your makeup
    is always on point. Amazing eye look, you’re so creative and talented! :) 

  21. I’m jus here waiting for it to be 12 so i can go buy your eyeshadow lol
    Your gorgeous lady and i can not wait for you to do makeup looks using your
    eyeshadow palette YAYYY ❤
    Happy new years Jaclyn

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