1. Not only are you stunning but you actually have a brain under all that
    beauty, unlike a lot of the youtube makeup tutorial girls. That why I love
    watching your tutorials.
    I have actually stopped watching other channels because I find your videos
    are way better.


  2. I have to say: ever since you made the natural make up look with the semi
    sweet chocolate bar, you are my fave YouTuber for makeup looks. If only I
    would have big eyes like you! Lol! ❤️

  3. This is the first no makeup look that I’ve actually I’ve actually learned
    something new. Before this I was just using mascara but I’m definitely
    going to try out the bronzer on the eyes. 

  4. I love the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar palette that you used. It really does
    look natural. Oh, and you look very pretty too! Love you, Teni! :) 

  5. Are your eyebrows naturally full and thick? If not please make a video
    about how you got them to be thick. And your video was awesome

  6. Gorgeous! I’ve been into a fresh faced look lately! I’m going to try that
    brow gel because I have naturally black hair like you. Thank you for the
    video Gorgeous! 

  7. i am the worst at tightlining my upper waterline. it’s like always taking
    me by surprise EVERYTIME my pencil gets up in there lol. i have to try that
    cargo product. very pretty teni!

  8. I love this natural look. This is perfect for everyday. I also love that
    you included a link to a list of affordable alternatives for this look. 

  9. Teni! I love your work so much. you are THE MOST beautiful youtube-er..you
    are such a natural beauty. You need to be in hollywood!!
    I still remember I subscribed to you the first time I watched your ‘no
    makeup makeup look’ video. Thanks for creating another one. They are always
    so helpful! Thanks for also listing affordable products, not many people do
    that so I really appreciate it. You always seem so genuine & elegant.
    Absolutely adore that about you <3 mwah!

  10. This looks beautiful Teni! Do you feel as thought the Urban Decay 24 hour
    pencil has good staying power? Every time I tight-line, I end up with fall
    out under my eyes.. Thanks :) 

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