1. This must be my absolute favorite make up look I’ve seen on YT so far!
    Absolutely stunning, both you & make up!!

  2. Nice and simple! Wanna try this foundation! Oh and I know what you mean
    about brushing your hair… I hardly do..it’s not like I look homeless just
    don’t want or need too sometimes haha..unless like you said someone’s going
    to be touchin the hair!

  3. Hahaha “and then (add bronzer) to the forehead, because it is large and in
    charge!” Oh you are too silly lol. Gorgeous look :) 

  4. Hey Steph!! Love this tutorial!! Beautiful as always:) Quick
    question…I’ve been dying to know what colors you used on the wall behind
    you?!!! Wouldnt you know this Stephanie is obsessed with robins egg blue
    and taupe as well!! Please let me know, those colors would go great in my
    master bedroom!!! Xoxo from Colorado!!

  5. LOVE your out takes OMG can u please be my best friend! We would have so
    much fun. Oh and I love your videos too of course! ;) 

  6. New subscriber here from lolamarie7 on instagram. Beautiful & I love the
    way you do tutorials plus the outtakes are a hoot!

  7. you’re my favorite gur everrrrrr love your vdeos i watch them over and
    over.. do please talk videos more :* greetings from Bosnia :*

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