1. Sometimes, shit needs to be talked! Haha, it saves the people who can’t
    afford to try all the makeup they want the pain of wasting money on a
    crappy product. We won’t love you any less Manny! ♥

  2. I see no problems with the “talking shit” about products. You’re not saying
    a brand itself is shit, but some brands just have shitty products… I
    always love hearing beauty gurus talk about their opinions on certain
    products. Negative or not. It’s always nice to get a professional opinion
    on something. Whether it’s something I should reconsider on buying, or
    something I should go out and buy right away. ♡

  3. All brands have good and bad! There is no issue “talking shit” because it’s
    not saying the brand as a whole is crap! I love these videos! I’d love to
    see an all Sephora Collection brand video!

  4. I agree with you, using the right tools really make a big difference when
    using any brand of make-up. I also appreciate you calling out the brushes
    and listing them down because not many beauty gurus do that often anymore.
    But yes, I am definitely am for you making more videos like this because it
    really does help especially for times when we don’t have the money for the
    high end products. Other than that, I enjoy watching your videos. You’re
    amazing and I just love love love you! 

  5. Besides the fact that I adore you. That mean girls reference was NOT a
    coincidence, today I was saying to myself “one time I saw manny using
    peekaboo neutral lip liner, now I use peekaboo neutral lip liner” lol so
    rando but it needed to be said. You slayed your makeup, as always! ♡

  6. Gawddddd I am so obsessed with you!

    Ok now that that creepy fan girl moment is over, YOU ARE SO BRAVE TO DO A
    FULL FACE LOOK WITH FIRST IMPRESSIONS. It turned out great in the end !

  7. YESS TO THE SERIES! It’s okay to give criticism to products – we trust your
    opinion so it’s good to see how things actually work so we can decide
    whether to try something or not :) 

  8. I personally think NYX make amazing eye shadows, very pigmented and
    blend-able, but their foundations and highlighters I wouldn’t choose XD!
    They certainly go intense on EVERYTHING, which can be a problem sometimes :D !!

  9. Yaaass, hunty!! You should make these one brand series. I love the fact
    that ur forced to be candid and give ur honest opinion too- I wouldn’t say
    it’s talking shit- it really helps us out! :) love your vids, hot shit :) 

  10. I would love to see you rock more darker lips ! I love me some natural
    colors also but I’d love to see you step out your element

  11. I love you so much! One of the realest, most down-to-earth YouTubers as
    well as being extremely talented! Love the video and would love to see you
    do more like it :) 

  12. You are true talented MUA. When certain things you didn’t like you still
    managed to make it flawless especially when you put tge highly pigmented
    blush. The look overall was beautiful. 

  13. Love one brand looks! That way, if your viewer wants to copy your look it’s
    super easy to go get the products. I hate it when you tubers do looks with
    the foundation they got online, their one of a kind bronzer from Japan, and
    the limited edition mascara they bought in 2013. Like hoe! Why show me a
    look I can’t do myself! 

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