1. That eyeliner suits you very well! You have really pretty eyes :) and I
    prefer the less dramatic looks because they are more wearable and something
    I would go for :) ❤️

  2. ahhhh here I go again talking my head off in another long video! I hope you
    guys love this look, I thought it was the perfect transition from winter to
    spring… Let me know what you think! I LOVE YOU GUYSSSS!!

    Oh! By the way– I listed more affordable alternatives in a blog post since
    a lot of you really liked that I did that in my ‘no makeup’ video. The link
    is in the description box! xx

  3. If I had your face, I would totally just use a little foundation, some
    concealer and just a little mascara and bronzer. You do not need like any
    makeup, you always look like a million dollars! 

  4. Love the bronzy sort of blush and you definitely have Cleopatra eye look :) ) And nude lip look always works great!

  5. You honestly look like a model to me
    I thought you were when I first discovered your channel
    Love your tutorials!!

  6. This look is sooo pretty I am in love! I love the MUG foiled eyeshadows, I
    just can’t use a lot of product though. Because it creases so badly on me. 

  7. This happens to me all the time – I try to do something new and different,
    yet it always turns out similar to what I usually wear. You’re beautiful! 

  8. Teni, I respect and admire you so much. Gorgeous look♡ p.s. I love your
    taste in music, Incubus rocks! 

  9. I’m not at all an eyeliner person but yesterday, I used a Revlon pencil
    liner and tried my first wing ever and it turned out OK. I went out with
    the girls and we laughed really hard and when I looked at the mirror, I was
    mortified by how the eyeliner totally smudged all around my eyes that I had
    to entirely wipe my eyes to clean this mess up!! I’m not sure whether it’s
    the quality of the liner that I used or is that what normally happens to
    everyone?? :( 

  10. I love this look! Your makeup always looks perfect but this especially is
    gorgeous. I love your personality, too! :) 

  11. +Teni Panosian you look so gorgeous in this video and are funny when you
    talk about being dramatic. Don’t worry your style is perfect as it is.

  12. You’re did great on the Sophia Loren look a while back. That was dramatic.
    You can do it!!! Lol anyway, beautiful look anyhow.

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