1. Your eyeshadow is so perfect for prom!!! I really wish that loreal palette
    would hurry up and come out in Australia!

  2. I don’t believe you Carli, not buying the fact that you can possibly have a
    bad hair day. I’m 150% certain your worst hair day slays my best hair day :) 

  3. Love it!!!! I’m not going to a prom anytime soon but I can still try to
    recreate it!!! I’ll have “prom” with my Mike & the dogs!! Haha. :-) .
    Awesome look. :-) 

  4. Carli, there’s this makeup product I wanna recommend. It’s contour sticks,
    they’re awesome you should totally get them! It’s faster to contour with
    those (so if you’re ever in a hurry or something – the contour sticks will
    be there to help haha) & they’re easier to blend in and they give great
    results and give you the exact look you’re going for so if you ever pass by
    contour sticks or something, make sure to get them and try them out then
    tell us how it was :D 

  5. I do a lot of prom makeup this time of year & most girls like looks similar
    to this. I just got both L’Oreal palettes & can’t wait to use them for some
    new prom looks! Anyone have any suggestions for a cheaper gel liner, that
    will last & is super black?

  6. How the freak do you always get your hands on the sold out products?
    Haven’t even see a La Palette 1 or 2 with my own eyes yet 

  7. I love this look, but my dress is red this year and I’d also love to see a
    look with more neutral shades!

  8. My dress is a navy blue and I’m struggling on deciding what I want my eye
    make up to be. Should I go for something light and warm like this or
    something a little darker? Thanks so much! Love your tutorials (:

  9. What is prom? Do you wear a ball gown or cocktail dress? Do u sit down and
    eat food or just dancing all night? Don’t live in the US so just curious xD

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