1. Sorry Steph, I usually love your videos and I was definitely loving this
    look too! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get over the fact that the music was so
    much louder than your voice, so I couldn’t finish watching the video :( I
    hope you don’t consider this a hate message, cuz that is not my intention
    at all! Just wanted to give you some feedback!

  2. ColourPop “so quiche” is my faaaaaaavorite!! I think you would love their
    lippie in “pepper”… check out my most recent ColourPop haul if you want
    to see a swatch! :) 

  3. the music.. seriously? I love your videos but I couldn’t even watch this
    after 5 minutes in. music playing in the background is one thing but
    nothing you say can be heard after 5 and a half minutes. really sucks. I
    hope next video this is corrected. 

  4. I noticed your under eye circles are basically non existing now!!!! Please
    let us know what you been using, it will be greatly appreciated:) 

  5. Okay the music isn’t ALWAYS too loud. And if it really bothers you just
    put the speed on 2x and boom, it’s a GRWM. :) 

  6. I would love one of two things: 1) you find a lip color that’s the exact
    color of your natural lips and share it or 2) team up with a cosmetics
    company to make one. You are stunning sans makeup….but this look is
    beautiful too. Thanks!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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