1. I’m super duper sick right at the moment, so I’m laying in bed and eating
    soup and watching your videos! Makeup is the BEST medicine!

  2. So beautiful! And excited to see you return to the exciting, bold looks
    that caught my attention, and my subscription, when I found you. LOVE IT!
    More of these, please? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!??!!

  3. Omg! Absolutely Stunning!! <3 The shadows are to-die-for!!
    Hehe, W.O.S is my fave brow bone highlight too, cuz it's more pink toned
    than a lot of other ones! :D I'm almost out of it though, and then I'll
    have to buy a whole new palette! Oh well xD

  4. This look is literally perfection on a face. You are so talented and
    beautiful ❤️ #inspiration 

  5. I too am a older women and i like your videos keep on doing what you do so
    well; Don’t let these trolls get you down with there bullshi##.

  6. I just bought a couple of those Jordana eyeliners in Twilight, and
    Caribbean. I haven’t gotten to use them in an actual look yet, but holy
    crap do they stick.

  7. This is SO pretty, you can seriously make anything look good. Definitely
    trying this with pastel colors :) 

  8. Literally couldn’t stand watching when she put on all the bottom liner
    colors that open mouth face she made just drove me insane stop . Keep your
    mouth fuckin closed. 

  9. You look stunning! But I have to say I don’t buy the hype about these
    foiled eyeshadows. No, no. You weren’t even done with the tutorial and you
    had massive creasing on your lids when you went to put the falsies on. That
    doesn’t sound like a good product no matter how pigmented they are at first
    swatch. Still an adorable look! 

  10. When I first seen this look it reminded me of sunset and the ocean. Love
    the look!!! Now back to the video lol

  11. Amazing loook-defo going to try this! However, was it the mug eyeshadows
    that made the creasing or just your eyelids???xx

  12. Haha the faces you make as you apply the shadow to the bottom lid are the
    same faces I make as well XD It seems to make the process smoother even
    though I don’t know why!

  13. I noticed the creasing on these foiled eyeshadows. Actually fancy faced did
    an in depth review of last foiled eyeshadows she mentioned the creasing
    back then. I’ll pass on these seems like a waste of money. I was dying for
    that fortune teller color tho =/

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