1. There are people unsubscribing from Mooty’s channel because apparently it’s
    “immoral” to pokegen. *Moan* Well, if you even watch her videos, you would
    know that she breeds all of her pokemon. And even if she did use this,
    people actually have lives you know. They may not have the time in a day to
    breed the “perfect” one. And with an ENTIRE box if not more, being
    unsuccessful eggs, trust me, the process is grueling, and to have more eggs
    than you thought there to be to be just be fodder, I can understand and
    except it. Hell I will try it. I’ve got college and work and Mooty most
    likely does too! Honestly, if you did unsubscribe, she lost someone who
    wasn’t even a fan in the first place.

  2. I’m just saying, I hate people who think they’re hot shit just because they
    have a shiny 6IV team they genned in 5 mins. I play the game with honesity
    and use pokemon found in the game and train them into my wifi team. I don’t
    need some cheating device to make myself feel good. Yes I lose some
    battles, but i also win most battles against full shiny teams. The battles
    I lose are mostly to non shiny normal teams who have a good strategy which
    i respect. Make your shiny Mewtwo, I’ll gladly battle with my Crawdaunt
    I’ve raised myself.

  3. I cant seem to wonder trade or use GTS with a shiny latios that is timid
    and correct spread. I made it look as if i caught in an Alpha sapphire game
    using the same code. But i can use it on battle spot.
    is this normal?

  4. ok for anyone who is confused why there getting an egg while genning there
    own pokemon this is why when you save as you have to look near save where
    theres a drop down bar then click .ekx and remember you have to call the
    pokemon pokemon.ekx so after all that you have saved it but it will say
    pokemon.ekx.e9k or something along those lines so all you have to do is get
    rid of the .e9k so it just says pokemon.ekx so this will make it an exk
    file after that put it in the root of the sd card and theres your pokemon
    But You Have To follow this carefully one slight messup will give you an
    unhatchable egg Thanks

  5. I have to say that I don’t mind seeing this being available in order to
    make Pokémon. It takes a lot of time to breed for good IVs (not as hard as
    previous gens) but I do think that it is a good thing. My problem is
    shinyness. Shinies are supposed to be rare but the fact that you can make a
    perfect Pokémon, that is shiny too kinda bothers me. I spend a lot of time
    breeding for competitive shinies and when it takes over 1,000 eggs (1,459)
    to hatch a perfect 5iv shiny starmie that’s only missing its attack iv just
    to find out that people just make them in a few minutes just makes me feel
    as if I’ve been screwed over.

  6. The one thing people don’t understand about genning is that it’s all
    convenience, and that’s why people do it. Of course there are people who
    take advantage of it, but that’s why there are certain parameters that the
    game’s servers will accept, so you don’t see most crazy ridiculous hacked
    Pokemon online. Breeding, although it’s not as grueling as it was in R/S/E
    or D/P/Pt, is a long and tedious process and some people just wanna battle
    and that’s it. I breed all of my competitive Pokemon, so I understand all
    the hard work it takes, but I also understand that people just want the
    ease of getting their battle ready Pokemon so they can enjoy the game they
    want to and not hold a freaking button hoping the next five eggs will have
    something good in them.

  7. Hi guys. Ive tried to make a legit Diancie in PKHeX but I failed soo many
    times. I tried EVERYTHING and still.. So I wonder if someone could trade me
    a Legit Diancie but a 6iv with nature Brave and the EVs 124 HP 252 Sp.atk
    134 Atk with the moves Moonblast,Diamondstorm,Earth Power and Calm Mind. I
    actually created Legit Zekrom,Reshiram,Kyurem,Latios and Latias. But The
    Diancie is just to hard to make it legit. If you can help me please add me
    and I could give you a 6iv Legendary Pokemon. Any Legendary pokemon you
    want. My FC 3007-8382-5379 IGN Alex

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