1. High lighting the brows at the top had me crying!!! When she said, cause
    the smokey eye so dark ya have to highlight the top of the eyebrow with
    gold so everybody remember ya eyebrow’s their!!!! Lmfao……. n the nose
    too had me in tears

  2. valemtime day tutorial no sah. when you a do a smoky eye it haffi look like
    wi man a beat wi dwl. blackening class lol 

  3. First Commenter I love you so much,My birthday is in August and I really
    want to meet you before I so G.S.A.T.

  4. Laughter is soooooo good for the soul hahahahahaha……. Especially when
    one is in the midst of a fire-ree trial hahahaha…. You are a very
    talented comedian girl hahahahahaha. And you know the funny part, some
    woman really put on their make up similar to this video hehehehe

  5. woiii mi dead…and you know sey a girl used to do makeup tutorial on yt
    JUST LIKE THIS and she was dead serious..I cannot remember her name oh
    gad..she delete her channel because they used to harass har..Funny as hell

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