1. Omg I love the video but is prom really that serious for people?!!! I am a
    junior in highschool and I dont plan on going to my senior prom and I am
    100% content with that. You paralleled prom to a wedding!!??? Idk I guess
    it’s different for everyone!

  2. you da real MVP for getting lashes on when you already have massive lashes!
    I end up looking like be bop from barney haha PS u look stunninggggg as
    always boo!!!

  3. i had to pause the video to type this…1. I love your channel,your one of
    my favs 2. I was asked to do someone prom makeup so this vid was right on
    time honey 3. I graduated high school 20 years ago this year!….

  4. You’ve recently become one of my favorite youtubers, I love that you’re
    breaking the standard of beauty. As a girl of mixed race (filipino and
    black) it’s extremely difficult for me or even for people match me to my
    perfect foundation color and let alone find makeup tutorials that will suit
    my skin tone. You’re such a great role model and I love your personality. I
    feel like any girl could look up to you because you’re that amazing. Btw
    you kill me on snapchat!

  5. How do you feel about a dark prom look? My dress is very dramatic. It’s
    silver and black. Everything I’m wearing is very dramatic. What would you
    suggest. Please help prom in a week

  6. Don’t feel bad, love, I graduated exactly TWENTY years ago. :lol: I love
    the colour mix on your eyes here, and that you took the average teenage
    economic situation into consideration. Thumbs up to death, as always!

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