1. Hi Laur! I don’t have prom, but my big with grade formal is coming up and I
    have no idea what dress to wear, mainly because of color. I think you
    should make a video on best dress colors for different eye and hair
    colors.(I’m blonde with fair skin and blue eyes)

  2. I personally think the sorta flowy beige/cream color dress with jewels on
    the top half, is gorgeous on you!! All looks lovely, but i like that one
    the best

  3. I just want to take a moment to tell you how beautiful you are. Laur I love
    you and this video is everything.

  4. when you put on the face mask you looked like those girls who put on a
    foundation colour way too dark for their skin tone xx amazing video you
    look stunning!!

  5. Just the Long dress is ok for prom, the dark Blue and the Sparkle one are
    to Elegant and not for tenager… :) 

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