1. I highlight like that sometimes I use black opal stick foundation in 1
    shade lighter and then use la girl pro and set it with sascha white
    translucent powder and when I tell u gurl GURLLLLLL heavennnnnn 

  2. BH Cosmetics better partner up with her and create a palette! OMG maybe us
    as her fans should twitter, intasgram, and Facebook them about Making a
    palette with her!! 

  3. What version of the bible is today’s bible verse from? I really like the
    way it’s worded & I can’t figure it out! Lol.

  4. Wait… you achieved this gorgeous look with DRUGSTORE makeup??? Bless your
    skills and your heart lol. I could only dream of getting my makeup that
    nice and all my products are mac and sephora -_-

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