1. This video is so adorable :) had such a boring, crappy day, it cheered me
    up :) plus a lovely look xxx

  2. Fuck what anyone says. I love your man side and your woman side! I LOVE YOU

  3. +PatrickStarrr first off I like it when you show your male side. These
    other people saying it freaks them out are just f*cking rude. I also really
    like when you start off just yourself,no head wrap or wig. It really gives
    the full transformation and makes it that much better. I love these colors,
    I just wish my lid weren’t so frigging heavy. Also, I never got asked to
    prom either. :( 

  4. Hey Patrick can you do a tutorial on la girls Foundation review and demo I
    would love to see it because I’m trying to you or look for a Foundation
    that is good but is on a budget

  5. Lmfao was I the only one who felt uncomfortable watching Patrick as his
    manly man lol…you make a gorgeous woman you God made you wrong you
    shoulda definitely been born a woman 

  6. I know it was a joke but, girls! If some guy asks you to prom like that you
    say hell no! and run away! that guys only looking for one thing! And we all
    know how prom nights could end! Don’t give a boy like that the cookie!:P

  7. “In the butt crack of ma eye” “so my face does not move when I’m making out
    with all these boys… I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding”

  8. +PatrickStarrr No turban!?!?!? YAASSSSS!! Get it girl!! You’re stunningl!!
    I adore you, appreciate you, and love you inside and out. Thank you for
    teaching us your craft, and allowing us to know you through the internet.
    ((( :-( I sweat putting my make up on, and I’m only under ONE bathroom
    light!! — #BigGirlProblems )))

  9. your nails are so gorgeous! but how in the world do you manage to put in
    contacts with them though? you seriously deserve some sort of award for
    that cause that’s freaking impressive!

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