1. Hope you guys have as much fun watching this video as we did making it!!!
    Be safe and have fun at prom! <3

  2. Love you! But giiiiirll that tan is uneven. You got some patchy spots in
    your hands. Great video tho :) 

  3. That intro gave me so much life and low key jealousy that I didn’t get
    asked to prom by u because pizza is the way to my heart.

  4. Does anyone know if Anastasia Beverly Hills still sells the Sienna
    eyeshadow? I can’t find it anywhere

  5. Αηδια και ξερατο. Εχουμε μπερδεψει τα μπουτια μας για αυτο θα πεσει φωτια
    μια μερα. Αντε απο εδω 

  6. This look is so me because I loveee dark colors and especially blues! You
    should do a video of you doing make up on MANNYMUA! I would adore that!

  7. Fuck yassssss this is amazing!!!! You are hilarious we should be bff’s, I
    have oily skin which foundation would be better Mac studio fix fluid or the
    l’oreal filable pro matte?

  8. Love you both, so it’s shocking to see both working together…good shock
    tho. Never thought it’d happen!:) xo

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