1. Manny Manny Manny… how in the world do you make me go from “Damn he is
    HOT” when you have no makeup on to “Damn I wish I was as pretty as he is”
    with makeup on?! You are PERFECTION, thats how! My body has never been more
    confused lol… 

  2. “Mac prolong wear has the technology in it to not crease!” Same thing
    jaclyn hill says. Did anybody else think that???!!!! 

  3. The Milkshake color is gorgeous over the lip pencil color! Also, I love how
    you blend the darker shadow in with the transition colors which makes for
    absolutely no harsh lines whatsoever. Very nice work and I can’t wait for
    you to do a review or tutorial on the KatVonD makeup you received (saw the
    pic on IG).

  4. Do you find the tarte shadows blend easy? I have heard they are a bit hard
    to blend out. Omg i am so scared when I use a lash curler that im going to
    rip my lashes out. I love this eye look. xoxo

  5. I think because of you, women are gonna start putting eyeshadow on their
    boyfriends/husbands. Something about your androgyny when you put makeup on
    confuses the hell out of all of us lol

  6. I seriously love you. I don’t laugh out loud at anything, but every time I
    watch your videos I chuckle like an idiot!!! Keep being your charming self ;) 

  7. Finally a tutorial that’s not almost 20 mins long. I love his make-up ..
    he’s very talented. It’s just hard to watch a video that long. Manny has
    only been on YouTube for a couple months so I’m glad to see he is coming
    along and learning as he goes 

  8. The bloopers…… Are EVERYTHING!!! I love them! I’ll sit here literally
    laughing out loud! Don’t ever stop adding them in your videos! 

  9. You are so funny !, even my eye was hurt I was try to watch your video with
    one eye thank god I found you well I mean thanks to Jaclyn and Kathleen 

  10. Love this look so much! Gorgeous as always manny! lol funny cause I just
    filmed a video on this palette as well! Great minds think alike :) 

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