1. Been watching you since you had like 30k subscribers.. INSANE how your
    channel has grown.. 100% deserved! Love you!

  2. Ugh you know what’s so awesome about you?
    (Ignore the fact that Anastasia is high end)
    You don’t care about the luxury of brands,
    in terms of *fanciness*.
    You care about quality and quality *only*. Even I (for some reason)
    sometimes have trouble looking at drugstore the same way as high end.
    You’re amazing I love you

  3. +KathleenLights This is your most gorgeous tutorial yet! I bought my Artist
    Palette on Sephora.com last week too! ;)

    PS- Can you PLEASE PLEASE Tell me the name of this song? It’s so calming, I
    need it in MY LIFE!! ;) Thanks in advance!

    xo +fashion chalet

  4. I’m loving the purple on you eyes <3 I think I'm going to need this pallet
    in my life :D It is so great to have a simpler tutorial out there, just so
    people realize that they don't need 100 different colors to create a
    beautiful look :D 

  5. I get so upset when I go to your channel and there are no new videos but
    today here is and I am ecstatic!!! Woooo! Love you Kathleen you’re the
    reason why I started my channel which is finally starting to grow I love

  6. Your videos bring joy to my life. You’re my favourite YouTuber. I love your
    channel- you’re so honest and funny! I’ve made my mum, sister and best
    friend subscribe!!! Love from Australia Xx Patricia

  7. What ethnicity are you? You’ve probably said it in other videos but I’m a
    horrible listener so just wondering

  8. I like that you dont apply lashes in every video like everyone else. I
    think lashes on camera look great but in person they are too much on a
    person. Almost drag ish

  9. I bought the original fit me because of your recommendation (you have the
    same hella dry skin I have so your foundation reccomendations almost always
    work great for me) and it initially looks great when i apply it but then
    wears off within two hours and starts to cling to dry spots! does that
    happen to you too or is it just not working for me? Any advice? 

  10. Wish I was brave enough to rock this eye shadow look, I have green eyes as
    well and this makes yours pop so much! Another great tutorial!xxx

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