1. Yasss you’re doing winged liner again! I’m addicted to winged liner I can’t
    go a day without it. I would love to see your take on them semi sweet

  2. Flawless as always! But i have a question for ya’ or anyone with the same
    issue(s); i have EXTREMELY oily skin, you could probably fry an egg on my
    face; ive done everything to help it, but i was wondering if anyone uses a
    powder as a foundation; does it work for them? If so, which one? I know
    Chrisspy has used them before and it looks flawless; also if you do have
    oily skin, what products do u use? i use the colorstay liquid foundation,
    but i find myself looking cakey? Any suggestions?!

  3. I love a little winged liner! Love this look ❤️ just wondering though….
    Did you like this palette?!? I’m not sure why but the faces you were making
    looked like you didn’t hehe… I don’t know

  4. Gorgeous!!!
    I bought the Smashbox Master Class 3 a couple months ago and it’s sooo good
    and I’m surprised that it didn’t get more attention than it did. I think it
    kinda got lost among all the holiday pallets but if you have it, I would
    loooove to see you do a look ( or 2 hehe) with it. It’s such a gory pallet
    and the contour and highlight shades are the same ones in the contour
    pallet that was just released about a month ago. The blushes are gorgeous
    Love your tutorials

  5. Oh damn I just went to purchase the Pacifica palette and noticed it’s only
    available for US, if anyone could recommend something similar at a similar
    price I’d be really grateful :) 

  6. Loved the look!! I just started making YouTube videos as well check it out
    and subscribe if you would like to see more of me!! ☺️ 

  7. Heyy Chrisspy Can You Do A Night Time Routine Like What You Use To Remove
    Your Makeup and Stuff . LOL.
    I Really Like How That Lip Color Looks On You

  8. Omg hahaha I had the same IT Cosmetics eyebrow pencil and thar would happen
    to me all the time so when you were like “uh what happened to it???” I was
    talking to my iPad like check the cap!!!! 

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