1. I rarely pose questions because I know how hard it is to answer so many
    but…where is the desk/vanity in the background from? I’ve seen so many
    all white beauty spaces here on YouTube it’s refreshing to see something

  2. I really want to do my make-up like this everyday or just like put much
    effort in it because I just LOVE make-up and everything but I feel like
    everybody is looking weird at me when I do this:(

  3. You look so pretty! I wish I have your eyes and browbone ;_; I can’t even
    put eyeliner on without it sticking into my lids (I have hooded-monolid
    eyes which sucks) 

  4. Ive got a wedding coming up and my asian dress is blue!! Im so glad you’ve
    done this tutorial i’m going to use this hopefully it comes out as stunning
    as that

  5. Yasssss finally! The other videos were good , but i had missed the old
    videos with different products! This is the guru I learned from! Thank you
    Sophia. LOVE THE LOOK! 

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