1. Comment what skill YOU want to learn next and we will try to make a
    tutorial on it! :D – SkillTwins.

  2. Wazzup #SkillTwiners! :D 20.000 likes would be fantastic! We love to
    INSPIRE others, and we hope you enjoy to learn this EFFECTIVE and SUPERCOOL
    skill! :D #SkillTwins

  3. What’s The Intro Song Called??
    If you know it, and you would tell me, then…. i love you. Its sounds like
    a mexican beat.

  4. Your editor Hazardouz does a great job! This awesome mix of colours and the
    nice edited text makes your videos even better as they are now!
    Shoutout to Hazardouz!!


  6. - SkillTwins, try to answer my question this. I am Brazilian and I follow
    you I wish you would put in your videos translation to Portuguese, that
    already will not understand WHAT you speak and the words written in ingle
    al do not understand nothing. Thank you try to do this. I’m using google
    translator to write this in English please do so! THANK YOU

  7. Ну нахер вы носите эти тупые адидасы для гопников носите nike как раньше
    они на много круче!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. These guys are 1000 times better than Martin odeggard. THey both should be
    in the a team of Real Madrid or fcr

  9. I got pass by all the defenders in football I hope I can play with my
    country Honduras

    Thanks for the skills
    You are the ones who inspire me to play for my country la H

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