1. Thanks for helping me call this “Rose Gold Goddess Makeup Tutorial” if you
    need more help with your makeup application check out these videos :
    How To Apply Eyeshadows for beginners : http://goo.gl/Pqe7nC
    Howto Apply Eyeliner : http://goo.gl/0afv59
    Howto Curl Your Lashes : http://goo.gl/jXzMdP
    Howto Apply Fake Lashes : http://goo.gl/rZRrLf
    Howto Cream Contour : http://goo.gl/oxKBcx
    Howto Powder Contour : http://goo.gl/KHvupJ
    Howto Use A Fan Brush : http://goo.gl/XhySmy
    These are the reason I keep my friday videos short cause I show you “How
    to” in these Monday Makeup Lessons so I don’t need to “over” explain in the
    makeup tutorials on Fridays xx If you need me to cover any other topics let
    me know xx

  2. Stunnningg .. drooling over everything hehe .. really need to try that
    concealer it looks great ! The eyes are stunning you make it look so easy !
    So sad I didn’t get more bcc brushes at the show … gonna have a nosey
    online !! Obsessed! Was great seeing you sweetie xxxx

  3. This is too stunning I can’t even handle it! I’m so obsessed with rose gold
    right now & you put this together beautifully hun :) Fantastic tutorial xx

  4. Woohoo! First comment! Sinead, i would really like to see longer videos
    from you. More in depth perhaps. I enjoy your tutorials so please keep them

  5. Hi Sinead your videos are great! thank you so much following me on
    instagram :) (jepicjedwardrach) obviously you can see im a big fan of John
    and Edward and did you know they follow you :p xx

  6. This is one of my favorite videos +TheMakeupChair ! I loved it so much and
    can’t wait to try this look on me! 

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