1. Several others have already said the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara and it
    gets my vote too…the small applicator is perfect for getting those bottom
    lashes easily and without a mess.

  2. Welcome back! I think the mascara is maybelline lash exact, it’s a silver
    tube with blue writing and the brush is super super slim, great for lower

  3. I really really want to see you do a video where you do somebody elses make
    up ! Idk it would be fun !. I love you so much jacklyn, hands down the best
    make up guru. 

  4. Holy shhh. I didnt know YouTube turned off your account! I would’ve
    boycotted them if they did because honestly, you’re the only YouTube beauty
    guru that I watch and learn from. 

  5. This is the first time I have seen your videos, your are probably one of
    the prettiest people I have ever seen ! Your eyes are beautiful and so is
    your smile! Ur really perfect! Your so sweet and I am a new fan of yours
    hehe can’t wait to see more videos from you x

  6. Gorgeous as always Jaclyn! You’re my fav MUA on YT, I would’ve bawled my
    eyes out if I knew you lost your channel. I’m glad it’s back n running.
    YouTube, NEVER delete Jaclyn’s channel. Please! Love u Jac!

  7. U can try Clinique lower lash mascara. But tht suits more to short sparse
    lower lash. It takes longer time to use tht compare to normal mascara due
    to short bristles tht they hv. 

  8. This look is so beautiful & I for one would have been GUTTED if your
    YouTube disappeared forever. So happy for you that it all worked itself

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