1. Such a great idea for a video- you seem in such a good mood here and you
    look fab as always! Hope all is well with you love xx

  2. Ahhhh this makes me feel so awkward after uploading a one minute makeup
    tutorial for beginners! haha

    You look gorgeous as always :) ❤️

  3. I have the problem with watery eyes and whenever I try to wear eyeliner in
    my water line it end up smudging. Are there any tips/ tricks/ products that
    you recommend? Thanks xx 

  4. I always have the same issue, and maybe one of you girls (or boys) can help
    me with this… I have long lashes but blond, so I always use rimmel, but
    every single time I do my lashes, the right ones look amazing but the ones
    on the left eye look terrible… and I can’t ever paint the ones close to
    my tear duct, I mean i do but they don’t look very nice… and also they
    all in general (the lefst ones) look less curvy and more stuch together…
    I tryied doing them with my left hand, (i’m not a lefty) and with my right
    hand and always the same… Maybe it is because my eyes are not perfectly
    Also which rimmel would you recommend to use? (One not expensive or not
    sooo expensive because in Argentina we don’t have all the brands and make
    up is very very expensive) I always use the ones with big brushes, like
    Maybelline colossal, and that works very good for me but I don’t know…
    maybe there’s something better…

    Any tips/advice for that? Thank you… =)

  5. this is a great idea :) i love the makeup, you look beautiful as always! im
    glad you haven’t let the recent negative comments get you down, keep doing
    you xx

  6. Very pretty. I love watching your videos, so much inspiration. I mentioned
    you in my February favs video for the loving tan. loooove this shit! lol.

  7. I have no cheekbones at all because my face shape is round. People think
    it’s cute that I have big rosy cheeks but I hate it. I envy people with a
    structured face

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