1. Tan your skin is looking extra amazing in this video! I thought you were
    wearing foundation at the beginning omg! Have you started using a new skin
    care regime or something? You look gorgeous xxx

  2. Tanya I loved this look!

    I know you love to wear your line of lip glosses but as I’ve been watching
    your tutorials over the last few months I’ve felt like perhaps they’ve been
    more of a feature of which “Tanya Burr gloss” you’re wearing today. I like
    them and I have some myself but I would love to see some recommendations of
    lip products from other lines in your videos! If you’re only over wearing
    your own glosses though, then recommending other things wouldn’t make sense
    but if you genuinely do wear other lip liners, lipsticks, etc sometimes it
    would be nice to see those in your videos too since I’m familiar with your
    line. Just a thought, you may not even see this but I thought I’d put it
    out there.

    And, I feel like including that obviously there is no hate here, I love
    Tanya and just wanted to share a thought. :) 

  3. Curious, does the glitter take years to come out? Because i have not had
    glitter around me for a couple months and i still find glitter pieces in my

  4. I got ur book today! I’m so unbelievably proud of you and I can hands down
    say that your book is my all time favourite book


    A N Y O N E want to check out each other’s channels? I want to find some
    channels similar to mine ;) 

  6. I love Tanya but recently I’ve been thinking a lot about makeup. I’m still
    pretty young so not really allowed to wear that much but I’m just
    interested in what people’s personal philosophies towards makeup are. Often
    it can make people look completely different, some depend upon it that they
    cannot go without out it even for a day. For those of you who wear makeup
    often what are your reasons? (if you would like to share them) I don’t want
    to feel like I can’t go out without wearing makeup or that I’m pressured to
    wear it. But then I also want to feel and look like me and whenever I have
    worn more makeup it made me a little uncomfortable because I felt like I
    didn’t look like myself. I don’t know if this is the right place to post a
    comment like this but if anyone wants to share their insight with me it
    would be appreciated greatly :) 

  7. Nobody dicribes how to apply make-up better than Tanya! She is so well able
    to put herself in the viewers shoes and never forgets to mentions anything
    the viewer could be wondering about!

  8. You do glowy very well as you have beautiful skin, but… i would love to
    see a matte look with a very bold, dramatic, almost goth type makeup.
    Something that you wouldn’t normally do. I’m sure you could do it quite
    well and look fierce!

  9. You look so perfect! By the way I wanted to ask, has anyone tested the EOS
    hand creams? I would like to get one but maybe someone has tried it and
    could say how is it!

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