1. What’s the point of making a ‘tutorial’ like this? (other than you
    pocketing money of course- which is fine). It teaches us basically nothing
    and is of no use to most of us! Throwing a bunch of products on our face
    is NOT a tutorial. This is a commercial lol

  2. Steph, I love this tutorial and I love you. I think what I have trouble is,
    is buying into the truth of your sponsored videos when they’re so frequent.
    Of course there’s nothing wrong with them and I understand you only take
    them on when you believe in the product (I like Schwarzkopf too) But I
    think the problem is, as a subscriber and consumer, I get turned off a bit
    when you happen to do sponsored videos every month. It just takes away from
    the realness of all of your other content, I guess. I just wanted to
    vocalize that. Maybe more spaced out videos in between sponsorships would
    help. Either way, just feel like it’s necessary to say this isn’t hate, I
    love everything you put forward! 

  3. This made me sad :( this so isn’t your type of video. I love your casual,
    laid back videos… please don’t fall into the trap and turn into every
    other youtuber out there. Stay true to who you are. Regardless, you look

  4. I don’t get these people that are against sponsored videos because if
    they’ve been watching your videos for awhile it’s obvious they trust you
    and they enjoy watching you which means they should believe in your choices
    of products even though some of them are sponsored. I mean if you chose to
    do this sponsored video I believe you genuinely like these products :) xx

  5. I love it. Many comments say your hair was already straight but it wasn’t
    b/c many of them don’t know a damn thing about hair and make up. And now we
    see why men degrade women so much b/c of all the comments below showing
    that women degrade other women for making a living. I love you Stephanie
    and all your tutorials. Sponsored or not. 

  6. So wonderful to see another woman attain her dream that she has worked so
    hard for!! To be able to share in your journey and to see all your success
    now is such a gift for me!! It really is so wonderful to see other woman
    making their own career and being rewarded for their hard work~ Much
    continued success and congratulations, you earned it!! <3

  7. OMG you were one if my favorites n this was a let down not because it’s
    sponsored everybody needs to make a living that’s common sense but because
    it didn’t have any of your personality and it’s basically describing
    products and isn’t about you 

  8. You are a comedian girl always make me laugh great video thumbs up and the
    products need to get my hands on them.

  9. So beautiful. Congratulations on all your success. Your hair is so shiny
    and pretty. Love that lighted up S in the background of the video as well.
    I will have to search online for a similar one. You have the best job in
    the world. xoxo

  10. Honestly as a YouTuber myself (albeit a VERY SMALL CHANNEL) I too have
    dreams of getting sponsors attention and making big on YouTube. I probably
    won’t and wish I would but seeing Stephanie making it and being sponsored
    makes my heart sing!!! Unless you do YouTube videos, you probably have no
    idea of what the filming, editing, uploading process is like and the time
    it takes. For the person who wants to do this full time as a career, it
    takes time and effort. So I’m so glad, personally, when I’ve followed
    someone for years to make sponsorship. ☺️☺️

  11. I’m so proud of you and all you have accomplished. I have been watching you
    since you first started and will continue to watch your videos as long as
    you make them. you deserve to make money from sponsorships if they are
    offered to you, any normal person would jump at that opportunity and anyone
    who complains about it is just jealous :) do you Steph, don’t let the
    negative comments stop you from doing what you want, after all it is YOUR
    channel <3 love you!! 

  12. Need these products.. Need shiny hair! Thanks steph (:
    I know some people complain about sponsored videos, but you can tell you’re
    being honest here. Your hair actually did look shinier after and didn’t
    look greasy

  13. This is in no way nasty to you as I really do love your videos and I don’t
    have anything against sponsored videos because what’s wrong with people
    earning money out of doing something they love right?!
    However this one felt really ‘ungenuine’ and ‘sponsored’ if I can describe
    it like that, I’m only saying as I read you’ll be doing more sponsorship
    videos with them and thought maybe some advice for the next ones xx

  14. Great video. I do like your normal videos more, but I think its great that
    you got this opportunity. The way the filmed it was also really neat. And
    what did you use to dye your hair this color? I love it!!

  15. I am not against sponsored videos…if you have a great opportunity, take
    it for sure. But what I have a problem with is how fake she seemed. Maybe
    she was nervous? Idk. I was just like, “When is this commercial over?? This
    is cheesy.” 

  16. I love you so much and have followed you for years but this is sad, all
    your tutorials are sponsored and it’s hard to trust what you say
    anymore…. I mean your last one was sponsored for pads! Like cmon have
    some dignity 

  17. Women need to support each other, not bring each other down. I can’t think
    of one girl that would say no to an opportunity to film in a professional
    studio, playing with hair and makeup! Shame on you that are criticizing her
    for doing sponsored videos, it’s part of her job! Congrats Steph on your
    success, it’s well deserved. 

  18. Loved how unique this video was from the ones you usually do (not that they
    are bad, haha!) LOVED that dress!
    And as usual, your bloopers at the and; hilarious!! You go girl! :D 

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