1. I don’t really know what it is in you that makes me so calm and satisfied.
    My inner self is blessed every time I’m watching your videos.Maybe it’s
    your positivism and kindness although I don’t know you in person. I thought
    you should know how happy you make as all around the World :) Greetings
    from Bosnia!

  2. +Carli Bybel I just can’t stop staring at your hair :( it’s soooooo
    gorgeous! gahhhh
    did you colour it? do a hair care routine? <3
    Thumbs up if you guys want her to do a hair care tutorial!

  3. I love your nose.
    I don’t see anything wrong with it. As long as you can breathe through it
    there isn’t anything wrong with it

  4. Carli I’m just wondering, you seem like a good, kind and genuine person in
    your videos but if I was to look at your instagram without “seeing” your
    personality before, I would think that you are conceited and overly
    confident, because, I don’t know, you basically never smile in your
    pictures and here you are so nice and you smile a lot. I hope you get what
    I’m saying and don’t feel offended since that is definitely not my
    intention, I just wonder why you show a completely different side of
    yourself here and on instagram. You have a beautiful smile and as silly as
    it may sound, I think people gravitate more towards people who smile a lot
    because they seem more approachable, and in your pictures you are always so
    serious ;) please smile some more! show them beautiful pearly whites ;) 

  5. Are you pregnant Carli? Your face looks so plump and beautiful!!! love the
    makeup tutorial <333333333

  6. When you said ‘lots of people have been yelling at me saying i’ve had a
    nose job again’ does that mean you’ve had a nose job before or that they’ve
    ‘yelled’ before?♥

  7. You’re amazing don’t stop doing vids even though you’re 70 yrs old you’re
    my inspiration and you’re gorgeous with/without makeup and please come to

  8. Hi carli i have really bad oily skin specially my face and I don’t know how
    to get rid of it or wat makeup product to use and also my eyelids get oily
    so wat face primer and eye primer would u recommend? Also like powder wise
    and bronser product I’m willing to spend money if I have to BT I rather it
    be cheap Lol thank you plz help! +Carli Bybel 

  9. Hey girl! My t zone is crazy oily and I use smash box primer and mac
    foundation and no matter what I use my face doesn’t stay matte so when I
    contour my nose, it’s gone half way through the day cause I have to touch
    up my t zone
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    Suggestion! Cute summer color series cause it’s always summer here in

  10. Really want to get in contact with you . I would want to know if you can do
    my prom makeup , I live in jersey as well buy Rutgers . Let me know

  11. I went and got that mascara and ITS LIFEEEEEE. I LOVE IT SO MUCH I don’t
    even know what I was using before lol. Thank you!! 

  12. Carli! You hair looks so much better dark! It brings out your face
    structure and my gosh… you look absolutely stunning. Love you girl!!!

  13. Is it best to swipe with this foundation with the flat brush then blend
    with a beauty blender.. what effect does it gives? 

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