1. Thank you for your understanding, I really appreciate it! we had to get the
    new chinchilla Cage home and it ended up taking a lot longer than expected

  2. As always awesome. Hah. I love chin. I finally figured it out. They must
    love the new home for them it looked huge. Which is awesome 

  3. Could you show all of your utensils, and kitchenware all in one video? Like
    with food along with it too? Sort of like a recent set! Thanks

  4. Beautiful,interesting !
    Very beautiful,very interesting!
    Very very beautiful,very very interesting!!
    Very very very beautiful,very very very interesting!!!

  5. Have you realized that you are nearly at a quarter of a million
    subscribers??? Hooray! Congratulations! I love all of your mini clay
    creations, and I’ve been subscribed since forever! May you keep making
    awesome stuff and enjoying it! (:

  6. Does anyone else feel like her nails are gonna fall off they always get in
    the way( no offense ) I mean they are pretty just always get in the way.

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