1. Hey SugarCharm !!
    That cake is soooooo cute!!!! As always!! So tiny and perfect!!

    Have you ever thought of making the “draw my life” tag? Or maybe on your
    case, “sculpt my life”?? Hahah

    We love you, and I bet we all wanna know more about you and your story :)

    Kisses from Brazil 

  2. I just started my own channel if you’d like to check it out I would really
    appreciate it I have a video of all my clay charms and a schleich horse
    video thanks so much

  3. Looks too delicious to be clay! ♥ I can’t wait to make more better textures
    & miniatures with my supplies coming! :D I started school today and just
    finished eating some chicken soup with rice and I am hungry looking at
    this. xP 

  4. Hello! Every time I see your videos leave me with open mouth no doubt that
    you have a great talent! Kisses, Hugs and Greetings from Mexico

  5. Can you please make a tutorial for a Boston cream doughnut and a cruller
    (pronounced kroo-lur) doughnut if you can? This tutorial was very helpful!

  6. This is so amazing <3 I was wondering if maybe you could do a flower of
    some sort? Like a daisy or something cute like that because Spring is
    coming! Love your videos by the way :) 

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